Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The End (But Also Beginning) of a Journey

Myself, the rest of the students and professors made it back to Iowa from our sports management and marketing trip in Phoenix, Arizona. The trip was an absolute blast and I experienced things that I would have never been able to without this opportunity from BV, which I am very thankful for.

Coming into this trip, I expected to get a better idea of what I wanted to do for my career after graduation. Although I think this did come true in some respect, I think I got a better idea of what I don't want to do as a career, which is equally as helpful in my opinion. Going to Phoenix and talking to the people we did, I realized that I do have an idea of what I want to do and I discovered new possibilities as well. I definitely figured out on this trip that I do not want to be involved really in any type of marketing because it does not fit my personality well. I did discover though that I would consider working in finance in an athletic department, being an athletic director, working in sports television, or being a sports event manager. I would also like to be involved in basketball somehow either in my career or being a middle school girls' basketball coach or even both.

I think that the greatest thing this trip did for me was made me realize what part of the sports world was for me and what part was not. This is only going to help me even more in completely deciding what I would like to do after my time is done at Buena Vista. The most surprising part of the trip for me was finding out that a lot of the people that are in sports started out in ticket sales and marketing. This does not exactly help me out because I know that is not something I want to do at all but I am up for the challenge of getting in without starting there.

I think that what is next for me is getting as many internships as possible before I leave BV. Most of the people we talked to said that internships were very important in helping you get a job after college. I think I am going to look into working with BV's athletic department first and then try to find a summer internship for this year as well. Ideally, I would have at least 3 internships before I graduate because I can also take one next J-term. These internships will also help me narrow down my career options and give me a better idea of where I want to be.

So in conclusion, this trip was a great experience and helped me make important decisions when it comes to what I want to do after graduation. So, while the journey to Phoenix has ended, the beginning of my journey through my life and career is just beginning. And where that journey is going to take me, I don't know. What I do know is I am ready for the ride.


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