Friday, January 18, 2013

Phoenix Highlights

So for this blog post I decided to talk about the 5 things that were the best part of the trip for me personally and then also talk about how some of the places could help me out in the future. So here is my top 5 countdown:

5. Arizona Diamondbacks- I really liked this meeting because it was awesome to see their facility and also talk to our contacts there that told us a little bit about what they do in ticket sales but also gave us some good advice and tips for making it in the sports industry. I also thought it was amazing that we got to see things that people usually don't get to see, like the clubhouse where the players have their gear and equipment.
Diamondbacks Clubhouse
4. Fox Sports Network- I liked this meeting because I realized that you can still really be connected to sports without having to be with an actual team. Our contact gave amazing advice and also a lot of insight for what they do at their network. This meeting is actually making me consider going this route with my career because I think it would be a really cool experience and maybe easier to get into.
Fox Sports Arizona Network
3. Arizona Cardinals- I liked this meeting because the tour was really cool (even though I'm a Vikings fan) and the meeting afterwards gave me another great option for what I could do with my career. We met with someone who worked with the event management and I was glad that we actually got to talk to someone in management since I'm a sports management major. It seemed like something that I would really enjoy doing for a career.
Arizona Cardinals Stadium
2. Arizona State University- The multiple meetings that we had with ASU definitely helped me get an insight on what I want to do with my sports management degree. At the beginning of this trip I thought it would be fun to do finance in an athletic department and I still think that way. We also had so much fun going to the women's basketball game and the gymnastics meet. I am seriously considering coming back down here to do an internship with them if at all possible.
Wells Fargo Arena at ASU
1. Phoenix Suns- By far this was the most amazing tour, meeting, and game that I was lucky enough to be a part of during this trip! I am a huge basketball fan and this was an experience that I will never forget. The meeting we had before the tour was great and actually really made me sure that I want to be involved in sports when I graduate. This would definitely be the place where my dream internship would be or any other basketball team for that matter. The tour was even more amazing because we were literally 5 feet from Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder who the Suns were going to be playing that night! This part of the trip was by far my favorite and even better than I imagined it was going to be.
Picture of Kevin Durant with No Zoom!
Stay tuned for my complete reflection on this trip some time soon as we already leave Arizona on Saturday. Back to Iowa it will be for us after it is going to be in the 70s right before we leave. Keep on the lookout for my last post!


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