Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Whole New World

My Dream is to someday work for Disney. Being at Disney is kind of like the Aladdin song A whole new world. “A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view, no one to tell us no, or where to go or say we're only dreaming". Just let that soak in a little...  Before the trip I thought I could be a cast member, fur character or even a graphic designer. After meeting with a few cast members I now realize that there are so many more opportunities!

In one of our programs, the Youth Education Series program, we learned about leadership. Matt, our leader, had us start the tour by drawing an open window and putting our dreams in the middle of it. He proceeded to tell us to write impossible at the top. It was at that moment when I realized what Walt had gone through, and how depressing it is to see your dream, with impossible written above it. We later crossed out the “im” and made our dreams possible.

Group and Matt after Y.E.S. Program
Besides the Y.E.S. program we had many opportunities to meet with other cast members. We often found ourselves asking them if they loved their jobs and within seconds we would get a joyful yes in reply. I have realized that being “in the happiest place on earth” is on the top of my list for career choices. Every time we went backstage or behind the scenes I got goose bumps and saw pixie dust! It was like I was meant to be there. I could see myself giving tours or being a leader for the Y.E.S. program, I even make the height requirements for some Disney fur characters. I even think that dancing right down the middle of main street USA would be a privilege.

The downside, which I never really thought about, is the Disney salary. Just because Disney is a big company and makes a lot of money doesn’t mean that you’ll be making the big bucks. Like Aladdin, I would have to start humbly (most likely working concessions) before I could become Prince Ali, or in my case, being the creative mind behind the parades.  But being in the happiest place on earth, living in the Florida weather  (79 degrees), and working for a guy who had the biggest imagination and heart in the world just sounds a like the perfect life to me. 

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