Monday, January 21, 2013

To Sport or Not To Sport

We have arrived back from the warm climate of Phoenix to the snowy Iowa and now I need to think if the sports path is the way I want to continue or not. My time in Phoenix was awesome as I made a lot of contacts and had the time of my life.

The trip taught me a lot of different things about the inside world of sports that not very many people get to experience. I feel as if it would be a great time to work in sports, but I am not sure what department I would like to get into. Most had said that the way to get get your foot in the door was ticket sales. To me that does not seem like a great time if I wouldn't be able to be out and about meeting with people.

One experience that makes me want to go down the path is the people we talked to at the Arizona Cardinals. The facility they use is managed by another company and that seemed like it would be a good fit. I think I could see myself working in an arena to get some experience first rather than jumping right in with a certain team or sport.  

Overall, I still have time to think about my decision or try other things out, which I plan to do!

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