Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 28: Geneva, Switzerland

Our final city on the trip was Geneva. We wanted to see at least a bit of Switzerland as we drove back to Italy, for our flight home, so we decided to spend the night in this famous city.

This time, our hotel was in a downtown location, but by coincidence, it was also in the heart of the sex district. Snuggled between two sex shops, our hotel's front door is also surrounded by a wide variety of eager prostitutes. I couldn't help but compare them to the ones we saw in Amsterdam. The women here were, in fact, different. There was a much greater variety of ethnicities (Clint pointed out that they had probably been trafficked from different locations than Amsterdam), and the women all were highly made-up, mostly with surgical enhancements. I still wondered about their life circumstances.

We spent the evening in a really wonderful fondue restaurant just a few blocks out of the neighborhood. It was really delicious! We tried Swiss cheeses and Swiss sausages, along with Swiss apple tart for dessert.

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